Opportunities for your students

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Lunch & Learn - Meet a panel of lawyers
DELREC will bring pizza and a panel of diverse attorneys, working in a variety of fields to meet your students. We can work around your schedule and come directly to your classroom!
Mock Trial
Have students who like to perform? DELREC will help facilitate a Mock Trial based on the Brown V Board of Education case. 

And if students want more, HERE is a curriculum to start an informal Mock Trial Club!
Summer Internships
We are looking for students finishing 7th or 8th grade to participate in our paid Summer Internship with the State Courthouse! Applications are now LIVE!! Click HERE to apply. There are 6 spots for New Castle County, 2 for Kent County, and 2 for Sussex!
Civil Discourse Workshop
DELREC will provide an attorney to facilitate and guide students through a structured debate. Topics are simple, such as Eagles vs. Phillies or Mountains vs. Beach, but students will learn how to structure an argument, back it up with evidence, take notes, and format responses- all skills necessary for participation in our democracy!
Partner with a Law Firm
DELREC can facilitate group connections with the lawyers of a firm.
Citizen Activist Field Trip (DE Historical Society)
 Examining the rights set forth in the 1st Amendment and utilizing primary sources related to the topics of immigration, voting rights, desegregation, and eminent domain, students will explore the ways in which Delaware citizens have been active participants 

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Project Citizen
Project Citizen is a curricular program that promotes competent and responsible participation in local and state government. The program helps participants learn how to monitor and influence public policy. 
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Join the YMCA Youth in Government
Join this thriving program at your local YMCA. Students will have the chance to learn about the legislative process, state parliamentary procedure, and work with students from across the state to develop solutions to problems they see facing Delaware

Essay Contest with the Courts!
Write a classroom essay on the right to trial by jury by March 29th, 2024, and join students from PA, NJ, DE, and the Virgin Islands! Click HERE for more information!
Teacher Resources

Curricula by Grade Level

In partnership with the Center for Civic Education and the Delaware Social Studies Coalition, DELREC is developing law related curricula for every grade level that meets the State Civics Standard.

6th Grade
Foster critical thinking, analysis, synthesis and oral argumentation skills with this beginner's mock trial curriculum
7th Grade
This one to two day curriculum takes students through current ACLU cases and proposed laws regarding minority and civil rights. It meets the 7th grade civic standard 3a on civil rights and political freedom. 
8th Grade
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