Increasing access and removing barriers

Every student should have knowledge of the law.

Any student can have a career in the justice system.

Our guiding principles

Future generations
the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.
Martin Luther King, Jr.


Providing Model Curricula
Model lessons for teachers based on grade level that meet Delaware Civics Standards.
Connecting Attorneys and Students
Exposing students to diverse groups of attorneys.
Centralizing student opportunities
Connecting students, teachers, and attorneys to all the law related activities already happening in the state. From kindergarten to the Bar, there are opportunities at every step of the way.
Leveraging partnerships
Creating partnerships to ensure seamless progression through the legal career pipeline.

Providing Model Curricula

DELREC partners with teachers and attorneys to write model lessons that are engaging, relevant, and which meet Delaware’s Civics Standards. From kindergarten through high school, we are developing lessons which build on one-another through the years. Students learn vital skills in critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, civil discourse, and oral argument all while learning about the law and their role in our democracy.

Connecting Attorneys and Students

DELREC brings attorneys to classrooms and classrooms to attorneys. We know that exposure, experiences, and relationships are powerful guides, whether students simply want to learn about the law or whether they want to pursue careers in the legal system. We offer a variety of options for students to interact with our state’s diverse and knowledgeable attorneys.

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Centralizing student opportunities

Delaware already has many organizations and opportunities for students to explore their interests in the law. We arrange them all in one place, and by grade-level, to make it easier for students, parents, and teachers to find the right programs. At every age, whether through internships, field trips, or student activism, there is something for every student.

Leveraging partnerships

We cannot and do not wish to do this work alone. We want to highlight partners across the state already working to bring the law to our students. Do you have a program for students that you want us to include? We’d love to talk!


Engagement for every
student at every grade level

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