The History of Law Day

In 1961, Congress passed a resolution designating May 1st of each year as Law Day. In most states,

Law Day activities occur sometime during the first week in May. The most frequent activity is to have an

attorney speak to a class. The American Bar Association develops lesson plans each year to be used by

visiting attorneys. Delaware also has materials on a variety of topics that are available for use.

The Supreme Court of Delaware, the Administrative Office of the Courts and members of Delaware’s Bar coordinate the program.

Law Week in the High Schools 2018

Delaware’s Law Day in the Schools Program is endorsed by the Supreme Court of Delaware and the Department of Education. Over the past several years, the Delaware Law Related Education Center (DELREC) has expanded Law Day from May 1 to May 1 – May 4, 2018.

The lesson plan for Law Day can be found here.